Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Glorious 15th

My first outing of the 2008 Trout season – it was a calm and damp start to the day, the choice was the swollen rivers Eden or Eamont, a high but maybe just fishable Petteril or Ullswater - I had a few jobs to do in Penrith so I opted for the lake.
I got up there at about 11.30 to find the lake virtually flat with just a slight ripple here and there - a waste of time in my view, but, I was there so I decided to see if the boat had overwintered okay.
As I was checking the boat the wind picked up and was soon a moderate north to north - easterly, so I was on the water by 12.45 and after dropping a fish third cast, I was netting my first trout of the season by 12.55 - it came to my Glister Muddler on the top dropper.
It was great to be out on the lake again - I know I miss some potentially good sport on the rivers but I do struggle to tear myself away from it between now and the end of June given favourable conditions.
Sport was slow and the fish were lean - only to expected for the time of year, but I'm not complaining, I did okay for the first day of the season, there was a time when I wouldn't have dreamt of being on the lake this early in the year.
Apart from the fish I caught and moved to my flies, I only saw one fish rise and there was little in the way of fly on the water – I saw one midge fly past my nose and that was it.
I met one other boat and saw two others - the occupants of the boat I met had only one fish between them for the day and reported sport was slow.

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