Monday, October 27, 2008

Back at last

Well I suppose I should get the moaning out of the way first - what a disaster the last four months have been from a fishing point of view - first, my wife broke her ankle and couldn't work or drive, then we moved house and my line provider took eight weeks, many phone calls from me and a complaint to Ofcom to transfer my old number - so consiquently, I've hardly done any fishing and have just recently got back online.

But now things are getting back to normal and I've built up a serious amount of brownie points, I think, not sure if the other half will agree though but that will be put to the test as soon as river levels allow (see below - the River Eden at the weekend) as I've got big plans for the Grayling this winter.

The Eden in the fields downstream of the M6 motorway bridge at Carlisle

The forecast for the week isn't too bad and hopefully we'll be out at the weekend, so I'm busy replenishing my bug stocks

I did manage an outing on the Eden the weekend before last with a couple of clients (Christian and John) - it was their first ever outing on a river and the Grayling didn't let me down - fishing a mixture of bugs and spiders they caught five Grayling to 14 inches and missed others

Christian into a fish

Two happy Grayling fishers

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