Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Pike on the fly

Below is a photo of my first fly caught Pike - it was 15lbs (approx.7kgs) and was certainly one of the highlights of my 2007 season.

I thoroughly enjoyed the outing and had one more that season when I was fortunate enough to get 5 fish but none as large as that first one.

I didn't manage to get a Pike outing in 2008 but it is certainly something I would love to do more of given the time and money to buy the gear necesary.

You can never say never but if I do get into it, it will not be in the near future as finances will not allow it at the moment - I think my main and only purchases in 2009 will be another trip to Lough Corrib in Ireland and a Salmon licence - it was my 50th year in 2008 and having given in to an urge I've had for some time now (I decided to start Salmon fishing again after many years away from it), my present from my wife was a new Salmon fly rod.
So it could be a busy time at the vice for me - tying for the new Trout season, tying for Corrib and now I'll need some Salmon flies.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2008 and I'm going to see it out with a day for the Grayling - I hope it's not as cold as it was today - it was still -6 mid morning and didn't get above freezing all day.

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Ulf Hagström said...

Now that's a beauty Geoff! My biggest pike this year was about 10 pounds, but I got a few around that mark during the spring fishing. I was brought up fishing nothing but pike and perch with a spinning rod, tagging along with my father in the boat no matter what the weather might have been like. So when I started fly fishing about ten years ago it didn't take me long to also try the pike on a fly and I love it!

Happy new year buddy! May your 2009 be a great year!