Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jack Frost returns

I woke up today to find the frost had returned - everything was white, so I decided to delay my outing until lunchtime.

The banks stayed frozen all day and with the river looking lifeless I set up with the bugs but sport was slow today and I didn't get a touch for the first hour, then a good grayling came to the pink bug on the point.

Sport remained slow and another hour of trying different areas and depths passed before I took my next fish, a trout, again to the pink bug.
I decided to give the flats a go with the indicator and this got me two more grayling before the light was lost.
The reason for it being so slow? - I'm not sure, it could have been the sudden drop in temperature after it has been so mild, I have had this before in similar conditions - I don't think they are shoaling up yet (even though they can be hard to locate on a big river like the Eden when they do) as the three grayling I caught today were well apart and usually if you hit a shoal one fish almost always leads to more.


Ulf Hagström said...

Hey Geoff, that's a great looking grayling! It must have been good to getout, the air is so nice when the frost is around. I wish I had some graylings nearby but I have to settle for pike =)


Geoff Johnston said...

Thanks Ulf and congratulations on a fantastic site - yours tyings are superb, I wish I had the skill and patience to tie so beautifully.
We have a few Pike here too, I was fortunate to fly fish for them last year and had a great start - my first fly caught pike was 15lbs (approx. 7kgs)

beat wishes Geoff