Friday, January 8, 2010

Could be a bit cold to wet a line this weekend - or could it ?

Even though the night time temperatures were well below zero last weekend, the daytime temperatures rose to a bearable level, encouraging us to brave the elements and get on the river.

Our efforts were rewarded with a few fish - they were hard to find but when located sport was good to a variety of weighted bugs.

Guess this was deposited during the last floods - shows how high the river was

By midweek the night time temperatures had dropped dramatically, reaching -14.5 by Wednesday and on Thursday we saw the first signs of ice on the river.

River Petteril as it enters the River Eden

River Petteril

With the daytime temperatures holding around -8 for the remainder of the week and not much of a change forecast, I can't see us braving it this weekend - but you never know, it won't take much of a rise in temperature for us fishaholics to be tempted

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