Saturday, March 27, 2010

Second outing 2010 - The River Eamont

This (above) is a sight that we're not enjoying this year as we fish the River Eamont - the host of golden daffodils are nowhere to be seen, they like most things, have been slow to make an appearance this year. The Large Darks (Baetis Rhodani) remain sparse - I only saw about six today, so hardly surprising that there was no surface activity.

My favourite method - upstream nymphing, was the method for me today and although sport was slow it did produce four good fish for the session. All were quickly photographed and returned safely.

The first was 14 inches (36cm)

The second was 16 3/4 inches (43cm)

The third 15 inches (38cm)

And the fourth - this tubby 15 3/4 incher (40cm)

All four fish came to a Size 10 Hares Ear Goldhead nymph - some I've talked to express surprise that I use a size 10 but in my opinion one of the most important aspects in chosing our general imitations is size and at this time of year any invertibrates that are reaching maturity are quite large - and there's not a lot but we should expect to see, Large dark Olives (Baetis Rhodani), March Browns (Rhithrogena Germanica) in some areas (although I haven't seen one around here for years) nymphs of The Large Brook Dun (Ecdyonurus Torrentis) should be reaching maturity and towards the end of this month and into early April we should start to see the odd stonefly nymph.

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