Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Brief Respite ?

Our awful summer seems to be continuing into the winter and the way it's going I wouldn't be surprised if our wettest summer for 100 years will be followed by our wettest winter.
Our local rivers have been up and down like a yo-yo in November - the torrential rain of the last week brought the Eden up to nearly 3.5 metres on two occasions, that's just under 3 metres (about 8 feet) up on normal levels.
Grayling hunting opportunities have been quite limited and when I have managed an outing, sport has been a touch slow. In my experience, Grayling tend to favour more settled conditions and although I've had fish on each outing they've been keeping their heads down - even a decent trickle of Large Dark Olives has failed to tempt them to the surface, so I've had to resort to the bugs to locate any takers.

Below are a few November takers :

The Rains seem to have abated for the remainder of this week and the river is dropping close to a fishable level for those who want to brave it - I'm sure I'll be struggling to resist the temptation to wet a line. Ullswater is full to the brim which will keep the River Eamont topped up for a few days but The Eden upstream of 'Waters Meet' (where the Eamont joins the Eden) should be at a fishable level (just) at the moment, and the Eden below 'Waters Meet' will hopefully be fishable by the weekend.
This may just be a brief respite from the rain and rising waters as the weathermen are talking about more rain for our area late Sunday and into Monday - Hope they're wrong !

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