Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A day with Borderlines

I am very fortunate to get the occasional request to help Borderlines with some of their teaching sessions.
On Tuesday we were on the River Eden with a group of youngsters from Carlisle. This was to be the last of a series of sessions in a project called
'Carlisle Fishing for Knowledge' which was organised and run by Borderlines thanks to funding from the Co-op. 
The sessions with this particular group started back in November and those taking part have learned about the water cycle, rivers, the fish, their environment and what they feed on. They covered fishing tackle and methods, including bait casting and fly fishing which they had a go at. Some also had a go at tying their own fly.
So they were well prepared for their day on the water and it certainly paid dividends, everyone taking part managed at least one Grayling - and some managed three !

With the many projects that they organise and run, Borderlines and others like them do a fantastic job of promoting our sport and everything associated with it, as well as giving young people the opportunity to experience and learn about the countryside.

Clive conducts a pre-session safety talk

Check out the Borderlines website - http://www.borderlines.org.uk/
Borderlines is a not for profit company formed in 2005 with the aim of removing as many of the barriers to participation in angling as possible for all groups of the population regardless of age, ability, race, religion or social background with particular emphasis on the disadvantaged, disabled and those requiring rehabilitation. Working with schools in England and Scotland, Borderlines education progammes compliment both national curriculum and curriculum for excellence. 

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