Wednesday, February 1, 2023

August in Eden...2022

Just like the previous month, August in Eden started with rain. Our rivers were starting to drop on the 1st, but overnight rain meant that all were rising on the 2nd. We lost the 2nd of August due to high waters. All were fishable again by the 3rd and after a week of coloured, but fishable water, it was a return to the sunny and hot weather that we've seen too much of this season. Great for holidaymakers but not for fishermen!

The fresh water seemed to perk a few fish up in those early days of August and a few nice fish were found.


A few nice fish were encountered in August

By the end of the 2nd week in August the rivers were very low in very hot conditions. Too hot to fish in and a couple of guided days were rearranged. It was cooler by week 3 and we had some rain that put a touch of colour into our rivers.

David draws a fish to the net

Much of August was taken up with tuition days, but guiding some more experienced clients brought success. David, who is becoming a seasoned angler in Eden, joined me for a couple of days and he had a couple of successful sessions with a number of fish to his offerings on each occasion.

The dry fly proved successful after rain freshened things up in August

The rain in week 3 certainlly freshened things up and a few fish were found to be midging in the margins on occasions. The cooler water also encouraged a few grayling to come on the feed too.

The cooler water also encouraged a few grayling to come on the feed.

David had a couple of rewarding sessions in August

The final week of the month saw a return to fine/hot weather and conditions proved quite challenging again.The fishing wasn't impossible, it was just tough and it's times like these that having a range of techniques at your disposal and taking the time to perfect them can definitely be beneficial. The week was mainly filled with tuition and this was something I emphasised - it's never imposssible...if you take the time to learn the skills required.

July in Eden...2022

July in Eden started with a touch of rain which coloured our rivers slightly, but the rest of the month remained pretty dry and hot. The conditions were challenging at times but perseverance prevailed for most and we had some successful debuts in Eden.

Chris and Amelia joined me on the first day of the month and Amelia did well to get her first trout on the fly.

Amelia managed some action on her fly fishing debut

The rivers were still carrying a touch of colour on the 3rd, but a few fish were found working the margins and were tempted by our dry offerings.

Tempted by the dry fly while working the margins

The remainder of the month was largely dry and hot. We saw a significant drop in river levels and a lift in water tempertures. Fish were a touch lethargic in the warm water and the fishing was quite challenging at times. Most of the month was filled with tuition days (casting and techniques), but those that did fish did okay at times. Paul is a relative newcomer to Eden and he joined me for a day to familiarise himself with our waters. He fished well and, despite the tough conditions and the sunshine, he still managed some action!

Paul managed some action in the sunshine

A spell of light rain and cooler weather brought a slight lift to our rivers at the end on July. The touch of colour and slight drop in water temperature perked the fish up and Andrew, another newcomer to Eden and fly fishing, managed some action at his first attempt.

Andrew was trying fly fishing for the first time