Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekly fix.... half a day at Rutland's stockies

It's taken a while to update this one - been very busy with work and not had as much time for fishing as I'd like.
The Rutland visit was a real bonus as I didn't expect to wet a line on an Easter visit to my sister's in Nottingham, but the rods went in the car - just in case.

I only had time for a half day ticket and restricting myself to a four hour stint, I decided to concentrate my efforts around the Normanton Church area, reports suggested that the shoreline from here down to the dam had been quite productive with black and/or green lures doing best.

A quick search of my fishing bag revealed no lure box, I'd forgotten it, so rather than risk hitting the water lureless, I purchased a few of the recommended flies. As usual I needn't have bothered, I once did the same on an evening visit to Grafham and ended up catching on my own flies, and so it was today - I set up with the bought lures on top dropper and point, and found a Cormorant in my box so this went on the middle dropper. A slow retrieve with the Kelly Green intermediate produced two fish to the Cormorant

After a fishless hour and a half of searching with the lures I decided to change to the buzzers, I'd been told that they weren't producing but I'd had a couple of fish and was more than happy with my lot so I had nothing to lose.
I stuck with the Kelly Green and black buzzers top and bottom with an orange one in the middle - a long cast and slow figure of eight retrieve produced four offers in six casts with two sticking to the orange buzzer.