Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ullswater blowing hot and cold

All reports on the lake so far suggest it is blowing hot and cold - we have had good sport on some outings but it has also been frustratingly quiet on days when conditions seem perfect, I have often said that it will only tolerate so much pressure with the same areas being worked on a regular basis.

Having said that, we have had the best midge hatches I have ever seen, at times the water has been covered with discarded midge shucks so the fish should be feeding hard and maybe this is why there seems to be a lot of small fish about so early in the season - these don't usually appear in numbers until late May or into June.

If you look in the right hand corner of the picture above you may see that the air was full of midge.

Ullswater fish are still predominantly 'bottom feeders' - even though there has been very large hatches of midge this fish contained none, as is quite usual, it was full of Cased Caddis and a few Hoglouse.