Monday, May 4, 2009

A rough ride on Ullswater

We didn't get the heavy rain that was forecast for today (Monday) but we certainly got the wind, with a strong South - South Westerly blasting down the lake for most of the day.
The pictures don't really do it justice, with quite a large swell it got a bit hairy at times, the local Yacht club had an outing with a circuit set up but they weren't out long, it was either a short race or they were blown off - I suspect the latter.

Reports from some of the regulars have been a bit disappointing lately with either poor sport or only small fish (6-8 inches) encountered, more akin to June fishing when the small fish provide the bulk of the sport as the warming upper layers of the lake seem to push the more average 12 inchers into deeper cooler water.
In my opinion, by June stratification of the lake has taken place and the upper layer, the epilimnion, has warmed to the extent where it is not comfortable for the larger fish to remain in this zone, even though this is where the bulk of their food is as this is where we get the greatest light penetration and all the benefits that it brings, plant growth etc. - the larger fish still have to feed though and they still come into this zone, they just get a bit more selective with their feeding times.

I did catch and move fish on my first drifts but as reported there were none above 8 inches - these came to 'The Ullswater' on the top dropper.

After a lunch break in one of the few calm areas I could find, I decided it was time to brave the elements with a team of Muddlers stripped through the waves.

It wasn't comfortable fishing with strong winds and frequent gusts making casting difficult but the muddlers, an 'Ullswater Muddler' and a 'Glister Muddler' did produce a few fish although it was still a bit slow for the time of year - another couple of weeks should see the arrival of the Mayfly (Ephemera Danica) and hopefully an improvement in sport.

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