Thursday, June 20, 2013

Getting to the bones

The prolonged spell of fine weather in this neck of the woods has meant that our local rivers are getting down to their bones....anyone know a rain dance ! 
There are many advantages and disadvantages to a low river. It can make fish location easier and you can sometimes take advantage of some areas that are normally out of reach, but, it can also be really tough going for the daytime angler, when he is presented with a low, gin clear river and cloudless, sunny skies.
It hasn't been all doom and gloom though. Hard work and perseverance can still be rewarded. Sam and Marwan proved this by still managing fish in very challenging conditions on the River Eden.

The sunny weather has meant that my lake fishing has been severely restricted of late. It's a shame really, as the long overdue Mayfly (Ephermera danica) have eventually decided to make an appearance.
Sport was slow on the only suitable day I've had, conditions were perfect, but the fish just didn't want to know initially, and then the Mayfly started coming off. The fish were straight onto them and with good numbers of duns and spinners about, sport was hectic for a while. They responded well to the 'Slipper' either pulled through the waves or left static, and in the calmer water, cruisers could be picked off as they sipped away at the dying spinners.


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