Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Never Say Never ?

Never say never...... well apart from this coming weekend because we won't be fishing around here - after 100mm plus of rain last night the rivers in this part of the country are in the fields and with another 100mm forecast for tomorrow I wouldn't like to think what sort of a state we'll be in on Friday.

The pictures below were taken at the end of October 2008 but if I'd had my camera today the shots would have been the same.

On a positive note.... I did manage an outing on the Eden last weekend - A call to the Environment Agencies Rivercall service last Saturday stated the river level was o.75m above summer level and falling - a touch high, I thought. Another call on the Sunday gave it at o.5m and falling so I decided to go for it.

The river at Penrith was still a touch coloured but worth a go - my philosophy in these conditions is 'give them something they can see' so on went a bright pink bug on the point, bright orange in the middle and bright yellow on the top dropper plus BB shot 150mm up from the point to ensure it was bouncing bottom.

Unfortunately no pictures from the day - my camera was playing up - but sport was good considering the conditions, my first fish was a 17" (43cm) Grayling to the pink, followed, two casts later, by a 16.5" (42cm) one to the orange.
Six more followed, all to the pink - so it turned out a good session in a water that I would have said wasn't worth fishing a few years ago and some still do, I had the river to myself today - It just shows, you can never say never.

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