Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Salmon fishing again

For some time now I've had an itch that's needed scratching and that itch was salmon fishing, so this year after a sixteen year break, I decided to do something about it and get back into it.

My Trout fishing has suffered badly but I thoroughly enjoyed the season - and didn't do too badly considering that by all accounts this year has been very poor for Salmon on the Eden, I caught two, a 7 1/2 lb Cock on the fly and a 15-16lb Hen on the spinner (shown below), the Hen was caught after the 10th September when all Eden Hen Salmon must be returned to the river

The damp weather continues, curtailing any hopes of getting out for the Grayling - I've only managed one outing so far this winter, the river has been out of sorts for the last two weekends and prospects for the coming weekend are not good, with yet another band of rain and strong winds heading in from the West on Friday - How Depressing !

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