Sunday, February 3, 2013

A few hours later...

Well - I braved the elements and got out for a few hours this afternoon (see previous post) - 'I got my fix'

I also got my string pulled a few times, although, a strong and occasionally, swirling, upstream wind made bite detection difficult at times. Keeping the rod as low as possible as the bugs were led, but not dragged, through the water helped, and as far as I know, nothing was missed.

With a split dorsal and a lump out of it's tail, this Grayling looked like it had been in the wars. I wonder if this damage is a result of the very big waters we've had in the last week - with three big lifts - the river has been roaring through on occasions. The damage to the lower part of the tail looked like it was worn away, hugging bottom? All the others caught today were fine.

The Pink and the Red spot shrimps produced the goods today...

So much for my 'Old faithful' - the Orange produced nothing today apart from this hard fighting 'Rock fish'

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